Yearbook Cover and Personal Spread


Everyone in class had to create a cover and a personal spread for the project. We then voted to select a cover for the book, I made it to the Top 3! The cover shown is the one I created. We ended up going with a very nice, dark sleek cover done by Matt Demelo.


It was a nice project to end the class with.


In School Mode

The first few weeks are hard to get back into school mode when you have been off for 4 months. But finally after two weeks of trying hard to accomplish anything, I am actually getting back in to the school mindset.  Here’s to a long day ahead of homework, busting out the Wacom tablet! And nothing like tea to keep me going.



losing my mind (sorta)

School. I love it. But over the past couple weeks, it has been come more of a annoyance. I was doing fine with keeping caught up, hell I was finishing before the deadlines. But these past few weeks, I have been scrambling and it feels like I’m falling behind.

Ever since I got sick with a cold, I had no patience for anything. And Fell behind just because all I wanted to do was sleep for a few days and rest. Since then, I have been under a bit of stress, from work t0 family to school.

I am all better now, still can’t seem to find the inspiration I need to do my design projects. I was always excited and coming up with good ideas and concepts. I am having a bit of creative block.

But I think I just need to something out of routine because I have been stuck in doing the same thing every week.

I am getting my head back together again. Now, what to do to break my routine?

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