My Top Eight Favorite TV Openings.

I personally love TV intros, it sets the tone of the show and sometimes its better than the show itself.

8. Six Feet Under

It really has a litteral visual of what happens when you die. I like it because of the imagery and its so well shot.

7. Nip/Tuck

I like this one a lot because its true representation of today’s society: even perfect isn’t good enough.

6. The Walking Dead (both Fan and Official)

I have two for the The Walking Dead. The one was made by a fan based on the comic book. It was so well done. Even I was convinced it should have been used for the actual show. But the more I thought about it, it doesn’t really fit the mood of the show. However, it the show was a cartoon, the fan made version hands down would be awesome for that.

The second one, is the Official one that AMC went with. I personally love it. It fits the show. It shows how serious, empty, chaotic, and dead everything is. Plus tune is just awesome.

5. The Sopranos

This is an now an iconic intro. I like the symbolism of the idea him coming from a mobster to a family man. It also shows that Tony doesn’t live a glamourous life NYC as you see him driving to NJ, a much more gritty place.  Just shows him as a normal guy driving home from work. Its well done with landmark shots.

4. Weeds

Just a clever way to show the world of the suburbs. There are many version of the song, this one is not my favorite but it the only one I could find to work on this site.

3. True Blood

This is one of the best credits on tv right now. Its really eye catching due to the shocking graphics and rawness of it. The song fits perfectly with it. It really sets the mood of the show and where the show take place. It gets you ready for not your typical show. Just a small warning, it is really graphic.

2.  Mad Men

Discribes the show perfectly, about falling and getting lost in a world where the times are changing fast. The silhouette and imagery is a cool effect.

1. Dexter

The most brillant intro I have ever seen. The morning routine looks so different when its a killer’s routine. Simple but pure brillance with the shots of this theme. Takes the average everyday american guy’s morning routine and makes completely horrific. The upbeat music is creepy, which makes the whole opening credits work. Note I wouldn’t watch this if you are eating.

And now I realize I watch way to much tv… I’m gunna go read a book or something…


Robyn: Latest Obsession

My iTunes over the past few months have been filling up with the “Body Talk” series by Robyn. With such addicting beats and good songs, I find myself hitting reply once the albums stops. Her dance beats are good. However, her acoustic sound is just brillant. I love it. She has been around the 90’s. Its a damn shame I havent heard much of her stuff til recently.

Here the acoustic version indestructible

Sugarland: The Incredible Machine

I have been waiting for this CD ever since they announced the release  date. A lot of fans seem to be  surprised by the change in sound. It is not your typical Sugarland sound. This has a bit more rock influence.

When I saw them live on The Incredible Machine Tour, I got a glimpse of what the new record would be like. The art direction, the costumes and the set list gave me the hint of what they were going for, I could already hear it.  Some of the fans will be let down if they were expecting a full-blown country record.

I am enjoying the music a lot, you get to hear more of Kristian’s voice in this record then in the past, when it seems to be just Jennifer.  It is a much more diverse sound.   It shows their creative ambition and their ability to push the envelope with a record that classified under ‘County/Folk” opens  with such a rock-based song.It also uses a lot more keys than fiddles in this album.

Whether its country, pop, or rock , it doesn’t matter to me. I am open to listen to anything and the genre doesn’t matter. The record isn’t the most consistent as its ranges from pop to rock. However, I kinda like it that way.  At the end of the day, as a Sugarland fan, I am happy with the new album and its new sound.  One of my favorite CD’s of 2010.

Songs to Listen to:

The Incredible Machine: Reminds me of bit of their song “love”. The funky dark  cryptic song is unique.

Stand Up: Heard this song live in concert and couldn’t wait to play it. And you get hear the other half of the duo explores his vocals. It is an anthem song made to be played in concert.

Tonight: A simple classic rock ballad. Reminds me of an 80’s type song. One Of the Best songs on the CD.

Shine the Light:  Uplifting song. Jennifer’s talents are showcased in this song as she plays and sings in this piano driven ballad.


A few days ago, I went to Wortley Village to try out a new gomet burger joint called Relish. The place looks really cool, kinda has a bit of a diner’s feel to it. Its a very causal place. Good summer place.

It is a burger joint, so you get to choose from 48 different types of burgers. I ended up trying something different, I believe it was called the “Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Burger”. It had jack’s cheese, bacon and peanut butter.

I actually didn’t mind the toppings. It was quite good. But the burger tasted pretty average and the bun was a bit dry. It was good but I wouldn’t rave about it because it was a bit to expensive for a burger.

The Milkshake… Just Awesome!!

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