Shhhh…*happy birthday*

No, its not surprise party. I made that mistake once. Never again for my mom. But it is my Mommy’s Birthday today!  Even though she’s not the biggest fan of birthdays, I still like to whisper Happy Birthday to her.  Perhaps its a good thing her birthday falls within holiday time so that most people are sidetracked by other things instead of remebering my Mother’s Birthday.

But I still like to celebrate her birthday. After all she is my Mom. She has been there for me even when I didn’t realize I needed her. Even though we butt heads from time to time, she is the most forgiving person I know. So tonight, just a little bit of cheesecake  and a toast to my Mom for being our everything. And just maybe, a little happy birthday wish.


friendly feud never ends

Over the years, all my dad’s friends like to prank one another, either stealing beer or surprising them with random things. This is the lastest one, wrapping up a friend’s house while he was on vacation. I quite enjoyed this one. I’m looking forward to who does what next! gives me a good laugh!

Photograph Of The Week

Congrats To Beth & Mike!

Power out, brings peace.

Tonight, the hydro went out for 2 hours because of a 5 minute storm.  I’m one of those people who get attached to computers and do everything on it. Consider it a lifeline so to speak.

Tonight was a nice break from all that. Sitting down with family and friends to actually have funny conversation with them. It’s sad, for the most part it takes the electircity to go out to make us get together and actually talk as opposed to watching tv, listening to music, playing games, or going on facebook.

It was nice to actually have a fun night without spending a dime :).

Cheers to the next power outage!

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