Father’s Day Gift

This year, I came up with an idea to create a personalized package design for my dad. He likes to golf, so I took a golf ball package and redesigned it to make it into a “Father’s day kit”.  Here’s the design. Turned out great! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  🙂 




First attempt at time-lapse still.

Thanks to Megan for putting up with my ideas! This is my first attempt at merging photos to make a cool motion effect. I liked how it turned out. There still lots I can improve on so I’m looking forward to playing with this effect more and more!

Info-graphics Animated

Patrick Clair, a motion designer, creates eye catching visuals that help us remember the most boring facts.

He has worked with MTV. Just thought I would show a few interesting videos. You may just learn a few things.

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

How Green Is Your Internet?

Osama 2.0_Profile of Terrorist Leader Anwar Al Awlaki

Tin Foil Lens Experiment

This whole experiment was out of sheer boredom. I ended making a tinfoil pinhole for my camera. I wanted to try it for my self…

This was the results ….



And then for the hell of it i added two more random holes to the tin foil and got this echo effect.



I had fun with it! 🙂

Golf Cake!

I Totally forgot to show off my cake that I made for a friend at work. So a few weeks later… Here it is!  Thanks to Alicia for taking the pictures because I’m an idiot and forgot my memory card for my camera.  This what it looked like before it got destroyed by the office, it was good!

Homemade Gift for Mom!

Every year, on Mother’s Day, I usually try to make my mother something homemade.  This year, I made her a vase out of lightbulbs. It  was very cool to use recyclable objects for this project.  My mother really liked it, so that is a bonus! Even though she will always like anything I do. Happy Mother’s Day!

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