Father’s Day Gift

This year, I came up with an idea to create a personalized package design for my dad. He likes to golf, so I took a golf ball package and redesigned it to make it into a “Father’s day kit”.  Here’s the design. Turned out great! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  🙂 




Wedding Outfit

Now that I am done school, I thought I would make this blog back into more of a personal blog again and hopefully start doing “photograph of the Week’ again (I know I’ve said that before). But I am going to start doing them again. Hopefully starting next weekend!

That aside, I went to my Uncle’s wedding last night! I figured I would showoff what I wore because I waited until the last minute to find an outfit and was able to do it on a budget! Thank-You Forever 21!


Starbucks Cake!


My Starbucks cake! I didn’t dare try to do the logo. I was very pleased that the shape came out right. The first time around, it failed and by failed I mean it didn’t sit straight up and by morning it collapsed. I built this one to be stronger and it worked!  Very tasty!

Yearbook Cover and Personal Spread


Everyone in class had to create a cover and a personal spread for the project. We then voted to select a cover for the book, I made it to the Top 3! The cover shown is the one I created. We ended up going with a very nice, dark sleek cover done by Matt Demelo.


It was a nice project to end the class with.

Mini Cake

I made another cake… Yes, I have been on a roll for a while. But that will be ending so I can finish my schooling! The cake was even better with chocolate all over it. Happy birthday Carlee!

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