Homemade Gift for Mom!

Every year, on Mother’s Day, I usually try to make my mother something homemade.  This year, I made her a vase out of lightbulbs. It  was very cool to use recyclable objects for this project.  My mother really liked it, so that is a bonus! Even though she will always like anything I do. Happy Mother’s Day!


Self Portait

One of the projects for school was a lot of fun. Just do what you want for your self portait using illustrator! I had just finished reading the story of hercules and the disney movies kinda made me want to become immortal and respected. So I made myself a statue.

It is done for the most part, Perhaps with fresh eyes in the morning I will correct some things a bit more.

Heres a bit of the process:



And the final one…


Toronto Zoo: Direct Mail Campaign

I have recently, like today, completed a school project. It was to target parents with kids.

My whole concept was “Paint Your Animals To Life”. Which would be a fun day at the zoo where you can do arts and craft in the morning then explore the zoo in the afternoon!

It includes paint, paint brush and canvas print to paint.  Ohh and it also includes a coupon!

Enjoy What Matters


My ad concept for my water bottle line called “Root Water”. This would be a magazine ad.  Enjoy what matters; nature, water, family, friends and laughs.

Help Japan


I have recently made a poster on the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit  Japan on March 11. Its not the most original poster but its for a good cause since it was inspired by W+K Studio. If you guys have money to spare, please consider donating to the red cross.


Canada: Text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $10
USA: Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10



Nanana…. BATMAN!

At last, the end of a very stressful week and half  as come to end. Now I can sit back and relax for a change!  I have completed my vector car drawing. I’m happy with how the tumbler (aka The Batmobile) turned out. Check it out!

Excuse me while I get my sweatpants and white hot chocolate.

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