Canadian Election 2011: Guess I’m Voting For A Loser

May 2nd is the day when Canada votes. And according to all the parties, no matter whom I vote for that person is a loser.  All the ads that I see for the 2011 campaign are negative and continue to spiral downwards. Please note, I want to know what I am voting for. Not the wrong reasons, but the right reasons to vote for a given party.

If I went by the ads of campaign alone, which unfortunely a lot of people will do. I would be voting for a loser. It would be like, who didn’t get trashed the most? He must be the best out of the losers out there.

Despite the negativity, we still have to vote. I urge everyone to do some sort of research on the party they are choosing for.  As much as I’m against the negative campaigning, I’m not going to take a stand by not voting. Which I hear is what some people are doing. If I do that, then I’ll lose my voice all together. Yes, it sucks but you still have a right to vote and the right to inform yourself.

I would rather do some of my own research than give up my right to have voice in the election.

Some thoughts on the youth votes and the election all together.

There is a Wealth Of information here at the  CBC: Canada votes.

If you a part of the Elgin-Middlesex-London area

I urge everyone to do research before you vote.

According to all the all parties, yes, I’m voting for a loser and that loser is you.


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