Day Sixty-Six

Today is Day Sixty-Six in the year 2011, Also know as March the Seventh. There is absolutely no significance of this day for me. Just an another day in my life. I will try to pick a random day every once in awhile and list my day. Maybe in the future it will be fun to look back at my ordinary life.

630: Woke up.
810: Left for work (a wee bit later then usual).
830: Started work.
1044: Got the “please play again” in roll up the rim.
1111: Shane and Rob gave me a scare by thinking that a project was due today (it wasn’t).
1200: Listen to profs lecture.
226: Bought boards for a project.
230: Missed the bus.
245: Ran into an old roommate.
300: Caught the bus.
320: Back at work.
430: Driving home only to see Carlee right behind me. She beat me home.
500: Homework and chatting with Kelly and Vanessa.
600: Dinner with the brother.
645: Homework.
700: Tempted to go on Facebook.
900: Tea.

Yup. Nothing exciting. Hopefully the next random day is a wee bit better.

Day 66


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