Humans VS Technology.

This past week I haven’t been able to really talk to anyone due to being sick. But I ended up getting into my most interesting conversation in the past few days with Bobby. About who has the power: Humans or Appliances? Unfortunately I had to cut the conversation off  just as he was talking about “The Brave Little Toaster”. Darn it. I really wanted to know where he was going with that.

It got me thinking…

Humans from the beginning of time have been striving for good and better technology to help win battles, make our jobs easier, and to helps us with everyday things.

Today, technology walks a fine line between being good to being bad for us, as its rapid growth keeps swirling upward. It is hard to define technology because it’s so widespread and has become apart of daily life. Which is why we all love and hate technology. I could go on all day about good and bad things Technology has done for us from employment to unemployment, auto industry, science, health… etc. But I’m more concerned about our its impacted daily lives.

For example, Cell phones. Cell phones keep us connected to friends and family. They are excellent to have if you get stuck in a ditch or something. I like them, but I’m not attach to the,. I like being able to text or call when I need to. But like anything sometimes people get so sidetracked and wrapped in their cell phones they get distracted from what they are doing, like driving. Have we become so attach that we are totally unaware of our surroundings?

Maybe you haven’t done something that dramatic but what about bumping into someone while you were texting?

The same goes with computers, they help us accomplish a lot in many, many areas of life. But are we being consumed by them? Child obesity is on rise, a factor is kids wanting to stay inside and play on the computers. Also, its gotten to a point where some children and teenagers (even adults) will pass on real life social events to sit on the computer or Xbox and play games and such. Are we really starting to replace human interaction with machines? Just this past week, I know people who have turned down events and occasions just to stay home on computer.

This just shows how helpful things can destroy certain aspects of our lives. You can apply this same theory to large-scale technology.

An example is Iron Man, yeahs, I just watched the other day (one of the pros to being sick). But it has a good example of a Stark technology (arc reactor) being used for bad, self gain and unnecessary violence (making weapons), or  for good, like saving a life (keep Tony alive). It is a good metaphor  for creating a powerful new technology and can be used in different ways (Good Vs Evil). Good movie, watch it if you havent seen it yet.

I could go on about technology and its other downsides on a much larger scale but this is turning into an essay.

Ultimately, it’s up to us to determine whether a certain piece of machinery or advance product is good or bad. We get to choose who wins, technology or humans.


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