Cross-Country Canada

Last night I was playing around with colours on my computer then this awful green colour was on my screen for maybe a split second. My lovely brain connected it with a childhood memory that I had completely forgotten about.

I can’t believe I forgot all about this game, Cross-Country Canada. The game where you are a truck driver and you have to complete all these missions. It was my favorite game in school, I remember I would actually come home and continue playing it.

The graphics are consider horrible today, but you did actually learn a lot. You had to type what you wanted your truck to do and go.  I actually researched the game and found a much more updated version.

This is the older version (maybe this will spark your memory)

And this is the new version:

Much better graphics for sure. Everything about the newer one is better. But because I have no attachment to it and the fact that the old one brought back a lot of memories so I still prefer the older one. Also, in the new one you don’t have to type your commands, you just click on things. From an educational stand point you probably learn more from typing out the commands. But it does make the game a lot easier when you just click on things. I highly doubt that’s the only reason why its much easier now. Since the last time I played it, I’ve must have been in Gr. 3 and well playing it when you are 19, it should not as hard.


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One response to “Cross-Country Canada

  1. Mike

    I know this is old, but I used to love this game. I would always pick up hitchhikers and hit them. Then I discovered you could simply run them over if you told the computer to move your truck right.

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