Comfort Food

Wether its stress, anxiety or a break-up we all have our comfort food. It usually food that reminds of you a time where life was simple aka Childhood. Anything from Ice Cream to Soup. Whatever foods you remember being brought up with that were super good.

Mine is my Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were the most baked food in my family and actually still are. I love them so much that I cooked them once just so I could eat like 6 of them straight out of the  oven.

Oven Fresh Cookies with Milk. You can’t go wrong with that.

I’m Curious, What is your comfort food ?


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Studying Graphic Design at Fanshawe College.

2 responses to “Comfort Food

  1. Home cooked foods, things that are hot and delicious but not necessarily desserts. Mashed potatoes comfort me.

  2. French toast or pancakes with chocolate chips. Peanut butter toast does the trick as well when I’m too upset to be trusted with a stove top.

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