10 Righteous Rules To Get By In Life

1. Do stupid things, most often they will be the memories you tell the most. If you land in Jail, I take no responsibility.

2. Get Involved, I dont mean with Gangs or Drugs, that just too stupid. Sign up for sports or volunteer with a charity. Its a great way to meet your future crazy friends.

3. Be Kind. Remeber when you were a kid and if you did one nice thing you got a Gold Star? There was actually a lesson in that. Do it on a bigger scale, and all the time, you might just find rewards in different ways.

4. Don’t play with fire. No matter how tempting it is. No matter how big, small, crazy, or pretty it is, you will get burned

5. Don’t worry about what other people think. You are who you are and well most people are busy thinking about themselves anyways.

6. Get over it! I’m sorry she hit you with her car but its been 2 years. You gotta move on, so you can waste your time being stupid again ( See Rule 1).

7. Fall In Love. Seriously.

8. Don’t run with knives. You may end up stabbing someone in the back.

9. Eat somewhat healthy, and drink water. Just in case you take these rules to heart. You gotta eat.

10. If these rules don’t do it for ya, there’s always Moses’ Rules. I’m sure the consequences are worse when you break those rules.


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One response to “10 Righteous Rules To Get By In Life

  1. Those aren’t bad, but personally I’ve been living by a different set for just over a decade now (I searched quickly, I blogged it nearly four years ago), I’ve found them to be pretty interesting:


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