Open Letter To Those Struggling with Imperfections

To: All Imperfections of the World

Today, society obsessive over one thing: Beauty. How to get beauty, where to get beauty and what defines beauty.

We buy make up to cover up anything that we deem to be imperfect. We buy certain clothes, and the labels seem to matter.  The hottest trends, styles and what’s hot and what’s not. We buy the magazine to judge what other people are wearing.  Some of us even pay big bucks to get plastic surgery. We do all this to make ourselves feel better.

There’s always that one thing we don’t like. But keep this in mind; we always want we don’t have. The one thing you wish you could change, some one else wants.  We get so wrapped up in the fact that we cannot be happy without the perfect body and perfect clothes.

If I look back on the times where I have truly been happy and enjoyed myself, I wasn’t covered in makeup; I was covered in bug spray from those summer campfires.  I wasn’t dressed up; I was dressed down in my sweats drinking tea on my front porch with family and friends. I wasn’t in designer shoes, I was in my running shows playing road hockey. I was happy when I had everything I ever needed, and looks didn’t matter or no one cared in those moments.

Those little imperfections that you hate so much are what make you unique.  Beautiful can’t be defined in one way. It something different for everyone but this I know: It is a journey to find who you are, and the way you feel. Once you accept who you are and feel comfortable within yourself. You at the end of the day are the only one who can say you are beautiful.

Instead of searching for what makes you beautiful in this society by the clothes and make up, look inward, and around you. You might just find out that you are beautiful and you got everything to be happy.


Abby xoxo


About abbygayleherbert

Studying Graphic Design at Fanshawe College.

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