Shopping and Relaxing

Yesterday, the shopping in Hilton Head isn’t grand but they did have a couple of good stores to go into. I ended up buying a pair of flip-flops, because mine broke last summer and the ones my mom gave me, were not pretty. Sorry mom. I also got a cute sweater with little ruffles on the bottom from Abercrombie and Fitch. The guy there was cute, but that’s all he was good at. I got a few other things at various places.

I had no idea that Coach made shoes that like match the purses. I was like really?

This morning was a nice long bike ride on the beach, it was just a nice as the run.Running over a jelly fish was quite interesting, they are hard as a rock! We also biked and shopped at local stores.

Swimming in the pool and hot tub today was also good. Going out for dinner tonight after ordering in some yummy pizza last night. Something tells me we might be having seafood tonight. Going to the beach tomorrow for a swim in the ocean and tour of the island.

Possibly a swamp tour this week ? I hope so!

Random. Period. Relax.

Update 1 10:12: Tried some Alligator and some fried oyster. Loved the alligator. The oyster not soo much. Dinner was soo goood. Salmon and crab cakes were also well done :). But the cornbread was to die for. I wish i had a whole plateful of cornbread. YUM! thumbs up to “roasted fish & cornbread” in hilton head.


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