Done school, Home for a day.

Its true, I finished my first year of college in the graphic design program! I must say, I honestly had no clue what I was getting myself into. Long nights, no longer 8 hours of sleep. Just naps when ever possible. I have learned some things that I need to get better at, time management, however I do feel I used the majority of my time wisely. I love all my new friends I’ve made this year. They made it an awesome time.

With school done, that means moving back home to the small town. I must say I’ve gotten accustom to the city life, everything is basically in you reach. I think I caught the downtown bug, I will go there whenever I get the chance. Only time will tell on how well I settle back into my small town.

But I must say, settling back has been put on hold for a week. After less then one day of being at home, yes ONE day. I am already on the road to South Carolina! Yes, you heard right. Why haven’t I spoke about this before? I literally just found out like 12 hours before hitting the road that my aunt and uncle were more than happy to take me with them – Hopefully they still think that in a few days!

Update 1 9:31 am : TRAPPED IN BUFFALO

We took a bathroom stop today. I went into the bathroom and when I was all done washing my hands, I went to turn the handle on the door. I couldn’t! I was like great I’m stuck in a bathroom at a pit stop in Buffalo. I did manage to turn the handle and still couldn’t get out. You had to like turn it 100 degrees to open it! All is well now.

Update 2 10:43 am: Forget camera battery

Well I have everything but the camera battery, I even brought the charger… DAMN IT! Guess I’m gunna go shopping for one when I can; I could use another one anyways as a back up considering I only have one battery at the moment.

Update 3 8:40: In North Carolina!

After like 13 hours of driving we figured now is a good time to stop and get some rest. Then in the early am. Off to South Carolina!


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Studying Graphic Design at Fanshawe College.

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