top 5 favorite songs as of right now

I never had a set of all time favorite songs… it changes a lot depending on what my mood is and what I am going through at the moment. Music is a way to help communicate what we feel and thus making it almost impossible to have a set of ALL TIME FAVORITES.

5. Easy Silence- Dixie Chicks

This song is an easy listening song. Its a song about finding escape from the real world by being with someone you love. The lyrics are amazing in this song. Really a beautiful song.

4. Love- Sugarland

The music in this song gives my body an intense feeling. Its a very simple song but has a powerful meaning. The beats in the beginning is the best part. LOVE this song (had to do it). This song is unique, and wonderful. What is life all about? Love!

3. Happy- Leona Lewis

The moment this song came out I instantly fell in love with it. The lyrics and music go so well together. The lyrics are good and one of the reasons why I like this song so much is probably because I can relate to it on my own level, might not be word for word but still. Its a new song and is one of my favorites at the moment.

2. 21 Guns- Green Day

The song has great lyrics,and the music in this song is a rock ballad which works really well with this type of song. This song holds different meanings for many, could be the anti war song with the 21 guns reference or could be about relationship.

1. Vultures- John Mayer

This song is amazing, it has been my favorite song since 2006. This song isn’t about just one moment in life, this song is about life. The lyrics and music of this song are a masterpiece, its a song that will never get old. The meaning of the song is timeless. If you haven’t heard this song, you should give it a listen, your ears will thank-you!

Random. Period. Listen.


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