Night in the Day

You sit in your place, and it doesn’t feel like home.

Your room is dark and cold with a blue glow from the laptop. You stay in one spot motionless. One chair and one desk never felt more like prison. The walls seem to get closer. Time is the enemy. Everything moves slower. The quiet sounds become louder. Your eyes are strained. You can feel your pulse beating on the surface of your skin. Your head is pounding against your skull. Your screams go unheard. A cold drop runs down your face. Never felt so alone. You are losing control of it all. You start to wonder how far you can push yourself. Your body wants to sleep but your mind wont turn off. You start to lose sense of everything. The one thing you thought no one could take from you was your faith, is slowly disappearing. You are done.

This world can make you become what you never wanted to become, this it what friends are for.

This place can make you doubt yourself; this is what friends are for.

When you lose faith in yourself, this is what friends are for.

When you can’t find the light, open your curtains, the sun is still out.


About abbygayleherbert

Studying Graphic Design at Fanshawe College.

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