Facebook, Myspace and other social networks don’t replace the real thing

Almost everyone I know is a part of a some social network. The sole purpose of these networks is to either keep in touch, reconnect or meet new people. Its a faster way to communicate with your friends.

However, talking to my friends though a computer screen is easy and quick. But after a while, I get sick of it, just because it seem kinda shallow, like you can’t make the effort to actually meet with your friends and have a more real conversation. I much prefer meeting up for just 20 mins of a face to face convo to say hello and such. Its much more thoughtful and actually take a bit of effort.

Think of it like this, its your birthday, would you prefer a bunch of birthday wishes through the computer screen or is it more heartfelt when someone sends you a card or comes over to wish you a Happy Birthday?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the usage of fast communication its a good way to find your friends and send them a quick little message like when you do want hang out?

Don’t let social networks replace the real meaning of communication 🙂

Random. Period. Talk.


About abbygayleherbert

Studying Graphic Design at Fanshawe College.

One response to “Facebook, Myspace and other social networks don’t replace the real thing

  1. I think with all these wonderful social networking tools, people are more isolated than ever. It's very sad. I also prefer face-to-face interacction to Facebook any day!

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