Waking up

We all do it. Sleep then wake to today.

How many people woke up today thinking today, I can do something great?
How many people go to sleep thinking today, I lived my life to the fullest?

Not many. Maybe one in a blue moon we do that. We all forget how blessed we are to live another day until it hits you when you lose somebody close, it changes you, inspires you.

However that new found respect for life goes away after a certain period of time.
We took yesterday for granted yet yesterday was the last day for somebody.
We took today for granted yet today somebody is grieving.
We take tomorrow for granted even thought it hasn’t happened yet, somebody’s life is over.

Taking tomorrow for granted is where regrets come in. You regretted not making the simple phone call to an old friend before it was too late. You regretted going to bed angry. You regretted not saying I love you. You regretted not apologizing. We regret things because we take things for granted.

With all the problems we face today, take a good look at what you got. The best things you can’t see, the best things comes from within.

When was the last time you went bed with a sense of joy?
When was the last time you woke up and felt so alive, so positive and ready to live life?

Random. Period. Dream.

PS. How about calling that old friend up?


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Studying Graphic Design at Fanshawe College.

4 responses to “Waking up

  1. very good interesting post.For some strange reason I woke up this morning feeling like today was going to be a really good day. So far so good! I’m starting to appreciate life, and I’m starting to enjoy it. Took me a while to get here.When was the last time you woke up and felt alive?

  2. I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday. I found out it was Saturday ad felt like I got a present :)I agree with you.

  3. I woke up thinking, Damn I have nothing to do today, it’s saturday, relax day!!The last time I went to bed wiht a sense of joy… maybe 100 years ago, lool

  4. Sadly it’s in our nature to only appreciate something once it’s gone. It takes a conscious effort to realise that we are blesseld. Our first instinct is to complain because something isn’t exactly right. Today I woke up feeling that I have my whole life in front of me. It’s an awesome feeling!

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