Happy your teenage son is going to be a Father?

Now that the presidential campaign is over and Levi Johnston and family members are blabbing to the media about Sarah and Bristol Palin and new baby Tripp.

I somehow managed to watch Levi on Tyra’s show ( i must have been sick or smth) and he looked scared and forced to do the interview by maybe his family. Which brings me to my next point, I get why Levi is talking to the media but his mother and sister?? It seems a little weird to have the whole family talk about another family. Considering Levi’s Mom and sister seem to repeat stuff that Levi has already said.

While I watching the Interview on the Tyra show, other then Levi looking extremely uncomfortable up there, there was one thing that still boggled my mind: Sherry Johnston (Levi’s Mom) was extremely happy to be a grandmother and wasn’t mad that her son, a high school senior, was about to become a father.

Tonight I was watching Larry King Live and Levi was on. Then I started think maybe he’s not Being pressured into these interviews–Until I heard that his mother and sister apparently have to be part of the interview too. Then the quote came up again that Sherry was happy to hear the he was going to be a father.

Now I just graduated high school, but if i got pregnant, i don’t think my parents would be too trilled to hear that. It just seemed really weird how she made it sound like she wasn’t surprised that Levi was gunna be a father by saying stuff like “i was soo happy to be a grandmother” and “Levi has always been around kids”.

I like kids too and get along great with them and I know my mother wants to be a grandmother however my mother quickly added to that, “But I’m in no hurry! Someday down the road”

Wrap it Up: I don’t know for sure if that was Sherry’s first reaction to the baby news but it just seems a little weird. Maybe she lying or maybe she REALLY REALLY want to be Grandmother.


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One response to “Happy your teenage son is going to be a Father?

  1. Great blog! I’ll be checking it out for some interesting snippets! Thanks for following mine. 🙂

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