Introduction: Me

This (as you can tell) is my first Blog! I’ve always wanted to start blogging but never got around to it. For this entry, I thought that I would Introduce a little bit about who I am and What the purpose of this blog is… kinda like answering the 5 W’s. Well maybe not all 5 of ’em.

Random True Facts about Moi (means ‘me’ in french, I’ll probably do it alot)

I am Canadian (yes I do fall into some of the stereotypes)
I am 5 Ft
I’ve only been to 2 countries ( Canada and US)
Never been on a plane
Hate talking on the phone
Love white chocolate over milk/brown chocolate
I still watch Friends 🙂
I read the Newspaper
I consider myself an artist in the making
Starting college this September to become a graphic designer
My birthday is September 26
….Think that is enough random facts for now

What to Expect from this blog?
Right There in the title…. Random.
– Facts
…and everything in between.

Will Post Soon!



About abbygayleherbert

Studying Graphic Design at Fanshawe College.

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